Trustees, and Non-Executive Trustees, currently serving on the BCS Board & Executive Committee


Executive Trustees

The BCS Trustees, who are also directors under company law, currently serving on the BCS Board are as follows:

President (2021-2024)
Professor John Greenwood

President Elect (2023-2024)
Professor André Ng

Honorary Secretary (2023-2026)
Dr Andrew Archbold

Vice President, Corporate Finance and Development (2021-2024)
Dr Cara Hendry

Vice President Elect, Corporate Finance and Development (2023-2024)
Professor Nik Patel

Vice President, Education and Research (2023-2026)
Dr Shouvik Haldar

Vice President, Clinical Standards (2022-2025)
Dr Neil Swanson

Vice President, Digital, Communications and Marketing (2022-2025)
Professor Amitava Banerjee

Vice President, Professional and Society Values (2022-2025)
Dr Abhishek Joshi

Vice President, Training (2023-2025)
Professor Mark Westwood

Non-Executive Trustees

Ms Melissa Coutino
Sir Bruce Keogh
Mr Malcolm Bell
Mr David Lawrence
Ms Cheryl Lee
Mr Paul Turner