Affiliated Societies

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Affiliated Societies

Together with our Affiliated Societies, BCS shares a broader mission to improve the care for patients with cardiovascular disease and form a powerful voice for UK cardiovascular health care professionals. Find out more about your subspeciality community here.

Education, training & advice on management and best practice, for inherited cardiac conditions
Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions

Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions (AICC)

Multi-disciplinary body representing and serving the interests of all professionals engaged in cardiac rehabilitation.

British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation (BACPR)

Communication, professional development and national representation for all nurses in the UK involved in the care of cardiovascular patients.

British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care (BANCC)

Promoting UK atherosclerosis research and encouraging wide ranging, critical debate on all aspects of the pathology of atherosclerosis.

British Atherosclerosis Society (BAS)

Supporting and representing medical practitioners whose interest is in the practice or research of congenital heart disease in the adult or heart diseases in the fetus or child.

British Congenital Cardiac Association (BCCA)

Promotes education, training and research in cardiovascular intervention. Develops and upholds clinical and professional standards.

British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS)

Promoting research, best clinical practice and a wider understanding of the effects of cancer treatment on the cardiovascular system.

British Cardio-Oncology Society (BC-OS)

Improving cardiac arrhythmia care and electrical device based therapies. Providing an essential link between professionals working in pacing, devices and electrophysiology.

British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS)

Improving the care of patients with heart valve disease in the UK by increasing awareness and knowledge.

British Heart Valve Society (BHVS)

For multidisciplinary clinicians and scientists working to reduce the burden and consequences of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the UK, Ireland and beyond.
The British and Irish Hypertension Society

British & Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS)

Exists to facilitate and support training of all UK cardiology trainees. Membership is free and open to all cardiology specialty registrars holding an NTN or LAT, and cardiology research and clinical fellows.

British Junior Cardiologists Association (BJCA)

Dedicated to the promotion of Nuclear Cardiology in the UK and improving understanding of the role and contribution of Nuclear Cardiology to patient management
British Nuclear Cardiology Society

British Nuclear Cardiology Society (BNCS)

For medical and non medical specialists and generalists, both senior and junior, who are interested in cardiac imaging
British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging

British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (BSCI)

The sole professional organisation in the UK for practitioners working in CMR. Develops training strategies, training materials, runs national training courses and meetings for members.
 British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (BSCMR)

For scientists and clinicians with research interests in the heart and vasculature. Members are investigators at all stages of their careers engaged in laboratory-based and clinical research.
British Society for Cardiovascular Research

British Society for Cardiovascular Research (BSCR)

Representing the interests of those working in clinical echocardiography at all levels, and in all areas, including adult and paediatric cardiology, cardiovascular research and teaching.
British Society of Echocardiography

British Society of Echocardiography (BSE)

Aims to increase knowledge and promote research about the diagnosis, causes, management and consequences of heart failure amongst healthcare professionals. Multi-disciplinary membership.
British Society for Heart Failure

British Society for Heart Failure (BSH)

The "voice and ears" for patients, carers and families. Representing and explaining patients' position directly to leading clinical staff, charities, statutory health organisations and bodies.
Cardiovascular Care Partnership (UK) (CCPUK)    Thumbnail

Cardiovascular Care Partnership (UK) (CCPUK)

Driving primary care to deliver the best in cardiovascular health

The Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS)

Promoting good professional practice and standards throughout the profession of cardiac physiology. Provides professional examinations for members.
Society for Cardiological Science and Technology

Society for Cardiological Science and Technology (SCST)

Advancing the diagnosis and management of cardiac disease in pregnancy
UK Maternal Cardiology Society

UK Maternal Cardiology Society (UKMCS)