The BCS aims to support and represent all those working in the fields of cardiovascular care and research.


Founded in 1922, the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) has evolved into a complex organisation that plays a pivotal role in the delivery of cardiovascular health across the UK.

We currently have around 3,000 members including the great majority (circa 85%) of UK consultant cardiologists. Specialist registrars, GPs with a special interest, Nurses and other professionals with an interest in cardiovascular medicine are also members. The Society became a UK Registered Charity in 2002. Registered Charity No: 1093321

Read the BCS Five Year Strategy.

The BCS aims to support and represent all those working in the fields of cardiovascular care and research.

To help achieve this aim, we are affiliated with 21 unique organisations that work in specific areas of cardiovascular medicine, health and patient care. The members of our affiliated societies (who are not joint members of the BCS) are associate members of the BCS. There are around 8,000 associate members, including clinical and basic scientists, general practitioners, junior doctors, nurses, physiologists and all subspecialties of cardiovascular medicine.

Together with our affiliated societies, BCS shares a broader mission to improve the care for patients with cardiovascular disease and form a powerful voice for UK cardiovascular health care professionals.

Our Mission
  • To set standards of clinical excellence for the benefit of patients
  • Be committed to enhancing and maintaining the highest standards in training, education and research
  • To be the primary source of professional advice and advocacy in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, and engage with government, patient groups, research councils, funding bodies and industry
  • To deliver these objectives in collaboration with patients, the wider public, and partner organisations

The BCS Annual Report details the work of The British Cardiovascular Society's activities throughout the year. A comprehensive report intended to give members, stakeholders and other interested parties information about BCS activities and its financial performance.

You can view our latest (and previous) accounts and trustees' annual report on the Charity Commission website.

Annual Report & Accounts 2022