Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Becoming a BCS Ordinary, Affiliate, Associate or Online Member offers significant benefits...

Membership Benefits

We are an established community of around 3,000 cardiovascular professionals in 43 countries. By joining the Society, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, resources and support including:

  • Educational Resources
  • Meetings & Events
  • Courses & Training
  • Publications
  • Networking
  • An exclusive 25% APC discount on publishing in Open Heart the official online journal of the Society.

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For Consultant Cardiologists or those in non-consultant career grade post.

Includes those who do not hold clinics e.g. nurses, physiologists, basic scientists or primary care physicians with a special interest in cardiology.

£330 per annum

British Junior Cardiologists Association

This reduced fee is intended to support current Cardiology StRs/SpRs or Foundation Programme or Core Trainees based in the UK who are interested in undertaking Higher Specialty Training in Cardiovascular Medicine.

£140 per annum until qualified

Reduced flat fee until qualified after which members are encouraged to take up Ordinary Membership with the BCS.

Available to any member of an Affiliate Society who is not a consultant cardiologist. Fee covers BCS membership only; subscription must also be paid to the respective society.

£55 per annum

You must have an active subscription with the respective Affiliate Society before applying for joint membership with the BCS. As part of the application process you will be required to provide proof of your current affiliate membership (Membership number/ID).

For those who are retired from clinical practice and do not need to retain their accreditation, but who wish to keep in touch with the organisation. Emeritus membership is not suitable for those undertaking locum or bank work post-retirement.

Upon approval

Emeritus membership does not incur a subscription fee. Approval for membership is at the discretion of the BCS and will be decided upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of retirement status.

For Consultant Cardiologists and trainees living and working outside of the UK and those wishing to access the benefits of membership listed within the category.

£110 per annum

Honorary membership recognises a member's contribution to the field of cardiology. It indicates to colleagues and patients that the member is part of a group of professionals whose high standing in the field has been recognised by their peers.

The Society awards Honorary membership to select individuals, this can include for example; international guest speakers at the BCS Annual Conference. Honorary membership does not incur a subscription fee. It is an appointed membership category by invitation only at the discretion of the BCS.

Honorary Members of the British Cardiovascular Society

  • Prof Robert Califf
  • Dr Dick Kovacs
  • Dr Milton Packer
  • Dr Rakesh Suri
  • Prof Pamela  Douglas
  • Dr C Michael Valentine
  • Dr Mary Norine  Walsh
  • Prof Sandra B Dunbar
  • Dr Calum MacRae
  • Prof Michael J Ackerman
  • Dr Jane Cary Burns
  • Prof Catherine Otto
  • Prof Lord Robert Winston
  • Dr Grace Lin
  • Dr Bernard Gersh
  • Prof Udo Sechtem
  • Prof Rick Nishimura
  • Prof David Spiegelhalter
  • Prof Jonathan Kalman
  • Prof Stefan D Anker
  • Prof Alain Cribier
  • Prof William Bommer
  • Prof Jeroen Bax
  • Mr Andrew Triggs Hodge
  • Dr John Gordon
  • Dr Anthony DeMaria
  • Prof Greg Whyte
  • Sir Donald Irvine
  • Prof Lionel H Opie
  • Dr Peter Brady
  • Prof Alec Vahanian
  • Prof Roberto Ferrari
  • Prof Gordon L Fung
  • Dr George L Smith
  • Dr Dipti Itchhaporia
  • Dr Valentin Fuster
  • Dr John Gordon Harold
  • Prof Peter Libby
  • Dr P Kearney
  • Prof Carole Warnes
  • Professor Sir Charles George
  • Professor Sir Michael Marmot
  • Prof Shahbudin Rahimtoola
  • Prof Douglas Weaver
  • Prof Petr Widimsky
  • Prof Jean-Pierre Bassand
  • Prof Panos Vardas
  • Dr Luis Alonso-Pulpón
  • Prof Morris Brown

Please make sure you read the rules of membership.