British Junior Cardiologists Association (BJCA)

Exists to facilitate and support training of all UK cardiology trainees. Membership is free and open to all cardiology s

British Junior Cardiologists Association (BJCA)

Who are we?

The BJCA is your society! We exist to facilitate and support training of all UK cardiology trainees. We are made up of trainee members throughout the UK, and communication with our 1412* members is coordinated by local deanery representatives and a central council. We have official representation on the councils of all the subspeciality professional bodies and we represent your views on the national Cardiology Speciality Advisory Committee (SAC) and other groups that organise our training.

Why should I join?

Navigating your way through speciality training can be a daunting task and we are uniquely placed to help you in this. Membership will allow you unique access to information on upcoming training events and conferences, the EEGC, committee news and allow us to canvass your opinion on a range of issues that affect your training. We hope that the National Cardiology Handbook (updated August 2022) will answer many of your questions and help to guide you painlessly through core training.

Keep an eye on our news feed for details of booking onto our ever popular courses including ‘Cardiology to the Core’ and ‘HeadStart in Cardiology’ all delivered free to BJCA members.

New for 2020, we have developed a comprehensive online learning resource ( to facilitate continued cardiology education and training in the absence of traditional face-to-face opportunities. is a single repository of catalogued webinars and training videos with the primary intention of developing curriculum competencies for trainees. High-quality, locally delivered virtual teaching sessions have been shared by several parent institutions to collaboratively develop a library with a single point of access.




Dr C. Fielder Camm

Current Role: OOPR, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Oxford Deanery


Dr Thomas Gilpin

Current Role: Research Fellow - Intervention, Southampton University Hospital, Wessex Deanery


Dr Holly Morgan

Current Role: St5-OOP, Royal Gwent Hospital, Wales Deanery

Immediate Past President

Dr Chris Allen

Current Role: ST5 NIHR BRC Clinical Training Fellow, St Thomas' Hospital, King's College London, Thames South Deanery

Committee Representation
  • Council of British Cardiovascular Society - Dr C. Fielder Camm (Oxford)
  • SAC Committee - Dr Andrew Chapman (Scotland South and South East), Dr Thomas Gilpin (Wessex) and Dr William Jenner (East Anglia)
  • BCS Training Committee: Dr C. Fielder Camm (Oxford)
  • BCS Education Committee - Dr Holly Morgan (Wales)
  • Digital and Communications Lead - Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia (Thames North East)
  • Womens in Cardiology Trainee Representative - Dr Sarah Blake (Kent, Surrey, Sussex)
  • Less than Full Time Trainee Representative - Dr William Jenner (East Anglia)
  • Chair of BJCA Starter Member Committee - Dr Mike Drozd (West Yorkshire)
  • BMA Trainee Working Group - Dr Chris Allen (Thames South)
  • Council of Scottish Cardiac Society - Dr Andrew Chapman (Scotland South and South East)
  • BJCA Survey Coordinators - Dr C. Fielder Camm (Oxford) and Dr Thomas Gilpin (Wessex)
  • Digital Education Committee Representative - Dr Balrik Kailey (Thames North West)

BCS Affiliated Societies/Associated Groups Representation
  • BACPR representative - Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia (Thames North East)
  • BCIS representative - Dr Thomas Gilpin (Wessex)
  • BHRS representatives - Dr James Cranley (East Anglia)
  • BHVS representative - Dr Nabila Laskar (Thames North East)
  • BNCS representative - Dr Paul Scully (Thames South)
  • BSCI/BSCCT representative - Dr Jamie Kitt (Oxford)
  • BSCMR representatives - Dr Sabrina Nordin (Scotland South and South East) and Dr Antonio De Marvao (Thames NW)
  • BSE representative - Dr Stephanie Connaire (Wales)
  • BSH Trainee Observer - Dr Kieran Docherty (Scotland North & West)
  • AICC (Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions) Trainee Representative - Dr Dimitra Antonakaki (Thames North East)
How do I join?

Membership is free, and is open to all cardiology specialty registrars holding an NTN or LAT, and cardiology research and clinical fellows. We offer a "Starter" membership for Foundation Programme and Core Trainees interested in undertaking Higher Specialty Training in Cardiovascular Medicine. (Please note that if you are still a medical student, you will not be eligible to join BJCA until you graduate. In the meantime, BJCA suggest that you enquire about membership with the British Undergraduate Cardiovascular Association).

If BJCA members would also like to join BCS, they can apply for Associate (BJCA) membership. The rate for this membership category is £140 per annum. For this you will receive all the benefits of BCS membership, plus of course all those relating to BJCA Membership.

The British Junior Cardiologists' Association (BJCA) have produced a National Cardiology Handbook aimed at core trainees. The starting point for this document is: "What we wish we'd known the day we started cardiology training."

It is intended that the contained guidance, approved by the BCS, will help core trainees avoid the common pitfalls and maximise the benefit of their training from the outset. In addition, it will provide common ground between core cardiology trainees and their trainers across the country.

A PDF version of the document is available by clicking hereIn addition, Dr. Sarah Hudson, a Cardiology trainee in the Severn region, has designed an excellent logbook (click here to view/download) which you may wish to use to document your echo progression. 

Study Leave

Since the introduction of the HEE study leave reforms, feedback has consistently highlighted opacities and inequities in the system, leading to trainees missing out on vital education. Together with the Cardiology SAC, we have worked to produce a much broader list of agreed courses, including an expanded list of ‘mandatory’ courses tracked to curriculum requirements, with the intention of making your study budget much easier to access. The attached list has been circulated to all Heads of School and is now ‘live’. It is not intended to be exhaustive, further suggestions welcomed. Your feedback is vital and much appreciated to continue improve the process. Please get in touch at with ’Study Leave’ in the subject header. By definition, this document applies ‘directly’ to trainees in England, however, the framework is also intended to assist trainees in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Dr C. Fielder Camm
President, BJCA (2022-2024)