Call for the UK Gov to come to aid of charity-funded research

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Leading cardiovascular and cancer scientists supported by The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have written to the Prime Minister urging the Government to invest in a Life Sciences-Charity Partnership Fund.

COVID-19 has hit charity-funded biomedical research hard. A Life Sciences-Charity Partnership Fund will help with the continued work in scientific research and the many lives that benefit from it throughout the UK.

The letter details the urgency for action stating that funding will  “support high discovery science that drives the breakthroughs in our fields (and others), as well as de-risking projects to attract commercial investment and supporting clinical trials that bring the latest innovations and life-saving treatments to patients.”

The UK is still widely regarded as a world leader in biomedical research built on decades of innovation and scientific discoveries. It is essential now more than ever for the Government to financially back research which will benefit the UK healthcare and economy.

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