Editorial sub-editor vacancies

UK cardiology specialist trainees are invited to take advantage of an exciting opportunity to play an important role within the Education section of the British Cardiovascular Society.

As part of the BCS sub-editor programme, trainees will contribute to the online educational content of www.bcs.com, submitting short editorials on a wide range of topics, for publication on the BCS website. We ask for only 2 articles over the year and all can be done remotely without any travel required and alongside your current position. There may also be the opportunity to assist with educational activities related to the annual BCS conference and the opportunity to input ideas and augment the educational content of the BCS website, making it more relevant to trainees and consultants.

This established programme gives cardiology specialist trainees the opportunity to complement their ongoing training by improving their writing skills, learning about different cardiology topics, increasing their exposure to leading UK cardiologists and the possibility to win one of three prizes awarded at the annual BCS conference.

Successful applicants will be asked to work together, with the support of the Editor, Dr Ahmed Adlan (BCS Education committee member) for a minimum tenure of 1 year and will be a valuable addition to the CV and educational portfolio of enthusiastic and motivated trainees.

Apply Now
If you hold a UK cardiology NTN and are a BCS member then we would like to invite you to apply for this role commencing in September 2022.

Please email your current CV (to include your NTN and BCS membership number) along with a brief supporting paragraph to Dr Ahmed Adlan via Anna Kassai at the BCS office anna.kassai@bcs.com

Deadline for applications: Friday 15 July 2022.