The Future of Cardiology

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BCS Announcement

Today the BCS publishes a document on The Future of Cardiology that aims to summarise these innovations and provide a framework for their incorporation into routine clinical practice.

The COVID pandemic has forced rapid changes in the way that we interact both with patients and with colleagues. In some cases the crisis has accelerated change that was already anticipated but in others completely new and imaginative solutions have been found to adapt service provision to the new environment.

There is a widespread realisation that many innovations prompted by COVID will be beneficial in the longer term and should be adopted into routine practice. In the words of Jacob West, Director of Healthcare Innovation at the British Heart Foundation:

“Never waste a crisis, they say. COVID-19 has exposed the limitations of our health and care system, but also its ingenuity in adversity. It’s vital that innovations in cardiovascular care that have emerged during the pandemic – from virtual clinics to diagnosing conditions in the community – are properly assessed and become part of the new normal in NHS service delivery.

"Capitalising on such innovations could rapidly improve patient care, reduce hospital admissions and relieve pressure on our already overstretched health system.”

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