Talking Heads Video Series

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Talking Heads Series

'Talking Heads' is a new opportunity to hear the experiences and views of Society members on important issues and topics of the day...

These short movies will showcase the diverse experiences and viewpoints of our colleagues throughout the UK.

With a current focus on the cardiology response to the COVID-19 crisis, the first video of the series features Dr Nav Masani from Cardiff who speaks candidly about changes the COVID-19 pandemic has required in the workplace and how these could inspire new ways of working in the future.

Nav poses a timely question; can we abandon some of the historical and comfortable processes and take advantage of a real opportunity; to hold on to the better ways of novel practice? He thinks it would be nice if we can, by taking the best elements of our new ways of thinking with us as we recover from the crisis.

Series Discussion

To allow conversation, feedback and detailed discussion on the series, the BCS encourages you to join our exclusive British Cardiovascular Society discussion group on MedShr. The MedShr app and website enables doctors and HCPs to share and discuss clinical cases in a GMC and GDPR compliant professional network. It is free to join.


If you are interested in contributing to the series, we welcome similar contributions from members so do get in touch with us at (using the subject line 'Talking Heads' ) for details of how to provide your video.

View the latest videos on the Talking Heads page.

In memoriam of our colleague
Jitendra Rathod 'Jitu'
Cardio-thoracic surgeon, University Hospital of Wales.