BCS Publication: Resources for pregnant cardiologists, their partners & supervisors

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BCS Announcement

A new publication has been released by the The British Cardiovascular Society Working Group on Improving resources and support for cardiology trainees & consultants during pregnancy, fertility treatment, pregnancy loss & parental leave.

With input from representatives from BCIS, BHRS, radiology, occupational health and human resources, the BCS Working Group has compiled the 'Resources for pregnant cardiologists, their partners & supervisors' document to assist trainees, their supervisors, consultants and their colleagues with issues around radiation in pregnancy, pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, antenatal care, maternity leave and parental leave.

In an easy-to-understand FAQ format, information regarding these often poorly understood issues is provided in the hope that all cardiology trainees and consultants experience high levels of support and understanding during what can be a very challenging time for them.

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