Entry of Data into National Cardiac Audits During COVID-19

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BCS Announcement

The British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) together with other professional Societies sent a letter to members today with regards to COVID-19 and the importance of continuing to collect and submit data to the National Cardiac Audits.

Signed by Prof Simon Ray, President of the BCS and others it spoke of the unprecedented challenge to the healthcare system posed by the COVID-19 crisis and of the great impact already being seen on 'all areas of conventional cardiology and cardiac surgical practice. As well as 'signals of a significant reduction in presentations with ACS and STEMI, with anecdotal accounts of late presentations with complications requiring emergency surgical intervention.'

Whilst acknowledging that the NHS is now under severe stress, the letter stated that 'never before has it been so important to continue to collect and submit data to the National Cardiac Audits.'

It also praised the cardiovascular community for having a 'great track-record for collecting data which has transformed clinical care.'

The letter reinforced that all signatories are 'keen that [members] send in data on a regular basis, even if it has not yet been validated.' It also reassured members of of the agreement with NICOR that 'no public reports on Trust or operator performance will be published from these data.'

All members were thanked by the signatories for their efforts in supporting and enhancing the value of the National Cardiovascular data programme during this extraordinary period in NHS history.

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