Education Hall



Exhibitors for 2024

Situated in the Education Hall. The BCS Exhibition is an integral part of the conference, providing delegates with the opportunity to converse with industry experts about development and research in cardiovascular products and innovation.


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BCS Floor Plan 2024

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BCS Floor Plan Image 2024

Conference Vetting System

Ethical Medtech

In regards to The British Cardiovascular Society Annual Conference 2024 EMT37151 on 03-06-2024 in Manchester, United Kingdom, Ethical Medtech are pleased to inform that the BCS based on their assessment, they have determined that the Event is: COMPLIANT

Please note that:

* In rendering this decision, we have relied on the documents and information that have been provided to us. We have not, independently, verified the accuracy of this information or documents nor have we determined whether they are up to date.

* The overall conference programme has been reviewed but not the scientific content.

* This decision does not take into account national and local laws, regulations or professional and company codes that may impose more stringent requirements upon MedTech Europe and/or EFPIA members, members of local associations, Healthcare professionals and/or conference organisers.