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Cath Lab Emergency (CLEMS)

Cath Lab Emergency (CLEMS)

Interactive learning sessions and courses within the conference

Cath-lab Emergency Medical Simulation (CLEMS) training

The multidisciplinary course is for teams of catheter lab workers including cardiologists, cardiac physiologists, radiographers and nurses. The aim is develop the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively as a team in catheter lab emergencies. The course is delivered through active participation and observation of catheter lab emergency simulations in small groups, as well as interactive workshops and lectures.

Although complications related to procedures in the Cath lab are rare they can creep up on us with catastrophic consequences. Sometimes human nature obstructs the process of getting the best out of the considerable expertise working in such a unique environment.

The aims of the CLEMS course are

  • To re-familiarise staff  in  providing  the core resus skills required to support the critically ill patient whilst the cardiologist continues intervention.
  • To collectively learn a protocol to allocate roles to the multidisciplinary team to lead delivery of tasks
  • To learn risk stratification and preparation as a tool to head of  complications at an early stage